Schweder isn’t just something you wear, it’s something you are!

At Schweder, our job is to get to know you well enough to understand the things you love most about life.

We then take that newfound knowledge and use it to create individual pieces of jewellery that reflect the essence of you to the world you live in.


We’re not about off-the-shelf! We believe in crafting something as unique as you are and that’s why when you mention our name to one of our clients you’ll get an instant smile and an expression of delight!

To explore our site, you’ll need to meet some of our most enthusiastic fans – we’ll tell you our story through their story. After all telling people’s stories is what we do best!

Matt & Vikki
We all love a great romance!

Who doesn’t love a wedding! We were thrilled to be a part of Matt and Vikki’s big day and to create timeless pieces for them to wear as a celebration of their commitment to one another. Our jewellery is an enduring reminder that beauty has and always will bring delight to the soul.


“When I first saw the ring it was very sparkly. It was everything that I ever thought it would be.”

True Freedom is about being yourself!

Fiona has found the true expression of herself in simply being herself. Her life has been fashioned in both suffering and delight; a tension which gives her a new way of looking forward to the future. We’re proud to be a part of her story.


“I want something that’s new, different and out there … a statement about me.”


Laurie & Leesa
Embracing the Circle of Life

Leesa and Laurie are committed to the celebration of friends and family. When we were asked to reflect this desire in the design of Leesa’s wedding ring, we could think of nothing more wonderful than an unbroken circle of diamonds. The light catching in those precious stones everyday reminds Leesa of what she holds most dear.


“So the significance … is that it means that the diamonds are bordered on both sides by family and heritage.”


Ingrid & Nick
Passion and Profession Go Hand in Hand

Who ever said beauty and practicality couldn’t walk hand-in-hand obviously hasn’t seen the pieces we designed for Ingrid and Nick. For this couple, life is about pursuing the things they are most passionate about. They are living out their dream and we are proud to be a part of that each and every day.


“The attitude that I bring to the things I do is … striving to do the best. That’s why we got the rings we did, because they are the best.”


Les & Shirley
A Lifetime of Precious Memories

For Shirley, jewellery is more than just a ring on a finger – it’s about the enduring power of heritage, family and memories. The pieces we have created for Les, Shirley and their family have each been born in the love they have for one another and the desire to mark life’s turning points with something eternal.


“They love knowing it’s Schweder jewellery. They feel they’ve got something special and unique.”

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